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  Shandong dongying JinZheng tyre Co., LTD is a set design r&d, production and sales service in a body specialized engineering machinery tyre mining machinery tyre enterprise, is the work of large production base of ore tires.
  Shandong dongying JinZheng tyre Co., LTD with the world advanced manufacturing technology of the tires. at the same time. the United States Germany Japan equipment Such as Switzerland world advanced ltaly production and testing equipment, product quality and international famous brand with synchronous. ore tyres work has entered the series products of domestic advanced level. so vast users trust.
  For many years. the company has been following product and personal character always. credit and reputation coexistence enterprise concept. adhere to the common interests of all higher than the spirit of enterprise. always go to provide customers with more valuable products and services as a lifelong goal in the future development, we will offer the best products and services to the global users.





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